18 April 2019

LINKEDIN has quickly amassed 510 million users and at least 50% of these users login monthly.


If you are wondering how to get more out of your network on LinkedIn, then read on.

Our quick bite-size LINKEDIN tips article will help you implement and polish your profile to make it more visible to others in your network. 

1️⃣  Claim your SEO friend ly URL

Customize your LinkedIn URL to make it easier for people to find you, more professional looking and easier to share. The SEO benefits may be minimal, but it’s just good practice.

Click the ‘Edit public profile & URL’ on the right-hand side of your profile.


2️⃣  Edit your professional headline.

LinkedIn scans for keywords in your professional headline. Use standard terms and avoid wacky job titles. Go for things that stand out and expand on your role.

3️⃣  Share content!

Creating high-value content and sharing WILL overtime increase the number of followers you have on LinkedIn.

4️⃣  Get involved in groups.

Joining and contributing to discussions will help to build your network, knowledge, strengthening influence in your industry. Your profile is 5 times more likely to be viewed if you are active in groups!

5️⃣  Promote your LinkedIn profile elsewhere.

Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on your email signature, Facebook and Twitter accounts and any websites you maintain to create inbound links to your profile.

6️⃣  Add five relevant skills to your profile.

Users with at least five skills will receive 17 times more profile views than users who do not list professional skills. You’ll also be messaged up to 31 times more by other members!

Have a Linkedin question? Ask us below in the comments or speak to one of our strategists! 

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