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Powerful Facebook Marketing Campaigns

With more than 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is still the world’s biggest social media platform. More than just a spot to keep up with friends and get invited to the latest events, Facebook presents an unmissable opportunity to locate new audiences and drive the right kind of traffic to your website.

How a Facebook Marketing Strategy Can Transform Your Business

This social platform is designed for businesses that want to communicate directly with their target market without any secondary channel or filter. With powerful targeting and tracking tools in place, brands who understand how to build and execute a comprehensive Facebook marketing campaign can achieve phenomenal growth. From creating engaging content for brand awareness, through to using the Facebook Pixel to soar sales for your eCommerce business, our Facebook marketing agency can make your campaign drive ROI like never before.

A Proven Approach

Posting on Facebook every now and then doesn’t achieve the level of reach you need.
A paid strategy is the only way to break through on the platform, and we’ve built a proven framework based on the key levers that make a campaign work. That starts with a 29-point audit of your current social performance, and in-depth research of your market. Our design and copywriting teams work on some robust creative development, while our social strategists focus on planning and buying ad space. We’ll then carry out targeted testing to get your brand in front of the right eyes, before optimising and scaling your campaign.

One-on-One Support from a Dedicated Consultant

If you’ve already worked with other social media agencies in Melbourne or across Australia, you might be frustrated by your campaign being passed around multiple employees. At hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件, you’ll get a dedicated expert who will handle your campaign from day one. That means no mix-ups, no disruptions, and no being pushed to the back of the line.

Using Data To Fuel Your Growth

Your Toolbox
The potential of this platform is enormous - as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Our team puts the infrastructure in place to fuel your growth, harnessing the power of some key tools.

We use laser targeting to maximise brand awareness or lead generation, and the mighty Facebook Pixel enables us to remarket to those visitors that are 70% more likely to convert. And, with Dynamic Product Ads, we drive a hefty revenue and ROAS for eCommerce brands.

Get the hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件 Edge

You know your business better than anyone, and our agency’s know-how is unrivalled. While we keep a grip on the constantly changing social media marketing landscape, you can turn your attention to running a thriving business. Find out more about how we could work together with a free 29-point audit from our specialists.

Is your business ready to SOAR?

Find out if we’re the partner for you with a FREE 29-point social media audit. Our social media strategists will provide a deep-level review of your current performance and determine the most effective ways to grow your business.


What is Facebook advertising?

As a paid channel of marketing, Facebook advertising lets you set a budget to promote your goods and services directly to your target audience. Ads are displayed in the feeds of your biggest prospects, on sidebars and within other pages on the platform, all using a bit of code called a pixel.

Is Facebook advertising worth it?

Just like any other marketing channel, this social media platform can be more beneficial to some businesses over others. For this reason, we recommend consulting with a digital marketing expert than can assess whether this is the best path to take for your brand. The profitability of your campaign solely depends on the strategy behind it, which is why many DIY ads fail.

How does ad creation work in Ad Manager?

Creating ads on Facebook takes a bit of strategic thinking and fiddling at first. To get the most out of your campaign, a social media marketing expert – like those at hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件 – will optimise your campaign to ensure you’re reaching all the right people and set various aspects of your strategy to suit your budget. Visuals are added and ad copy is attached to reel in engagement. Overall, there are many steps involved in this phase and does require time and energy to set up properly. You can see a full list of steps at Facebook’s official Business Help Centre site .

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