Increase in Search Engine Positions


Increase in Organic Traffic In 6 Months


Increase in Organic Leads In 6 Months

The Mission

With the goal of growing their team and business, BodyMotion Physiotherapy recognised that the way to do this was to increase their presence in Google Search (SEO), and approached hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件 for assistance in this area.

Our Approach

Thorough keyword research, technical on-site work and a solid content strategy, supported by some initial UX changes.

The Numbers

bodymotionphysio.com.au moved 939 ranking positions positively, which in turn increased the volume of organic traffic by 55% in just 6 months. With the website holding conversion rate steady, BodyMotion’s online leads have grown 50% in-line with the increased traffic.

What the Client Says

“The team at hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件 has been fantastic for our business (BodyMotion Physiotherapy & Massage therapy) – especially our superstar Support Eagle Joyti! We’ve used SEO businesses in the past & had really bad experiences – but with hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件, we know exactly what’s happening, can see up to date reports to view our progress, and best of all, if we have any questions we get immediate support either over the phone or via email. Thanks so much for restoring our faith in SEO hg皇冠直播在线观看免费软件!”


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